Friday, April 30, 2010

Take Your Child to Work and Science Fair

Last Thursday was "Take Your Child to Work Day". Hope had been SO excited about this and had been asking Brandon about it since she saw it on the calendar. After a McDonald's breakfast they were off to Brandon's office. She said she had fun, but by 10:00 she was ready to get to school. The picture is kind of fuzzy, but better than nothing!

Hope participated in the Science Fair at her school on Tuesday. We've been really bad at procrastination around here lately - I'm blaming my hormones - so luckily Hope had Monday off of school. We were able to get her "Shadow" project started and finished and she came home with a second place ribbon:

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hope loves to sing and walks around doing it ALL the time. EJ could be following in her footsteps.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sesame Street LIVE

Last week I took EJ to see Sesame Street Live with her best friend, Raegan, and Raegan's mom and brother, Angie and Racyn. All morning long EJ kept saying, "I want to go see Elmo now". Both girls really loved the show. They stared in awe, they danced, and they clapped. About 10 minutes before the show ended EJ decided she had seen enough. She said, "I am done seeing Elmo now".
                                                                         Ready to go in
                                                                    STILL ready to go in, but Mommy keeps taking pictures!
                                                               Couldn't get them to look!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So we made the easy drive down to Albuquerque over the weekend to visit Keith, Terry and the boys.  And to get a peek at the little peanut growing inside of me, hoping that he would give us a glimpse of what we should expect in September.  Yes, I did say he.  He was more than happy to let us know that he is a little boy.  That is the first shot that Terry got when she put the little ultrasound thingamajig on my belly.  There he was, in all his glory, flashing us on the big tv screen not that I would have had any clue, had she not pointed it out to me.  I was completely and totally expecting a girl, so it was definitely a shock to me.  I think when all you've ever grown is girls, it's hard to picture growing anything else! 
It was a really fun experience to find out with family.  Hope and EJ got to see too, although, EJ did not pay much attention.  She's been telling us from the beginning that it was a boy, so I guess she didn't need an ultrasound to confirm.  Terry gave us a BUNCH of pictures, but here a few of my favorites!

Full profile shot

Close Up Profile

Buttering up his biggest sis

3-D/4-D shot - Hes's got his hands up behind his head.  This one's crazy to me!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break

I hate when I fall behind on my blog and I have to try to play "catch up" in one post. The further I fall behind, the more I dread logging on to complete that marathon post. But, I don't want to leave much out because I want to make sure I have all the memories recorded in my blog book once I finally get around to making a blog book. So, in a nutshell, here is how we spent Hope's Spring Break:

We spent some time at the park.

Hope did some "Backyard Biology"

We went to the library and got LOTS of books so we could spend some time reading.

We ate outside even when it was too cold.

We went swimming.

We went to the American Girl store.

EJ was done with the American Girl Store by the time we left.


We visited the Easter Bunny.

We dyed eggs.

By the weekend, it was time for soccer which I really need to take pictures of and Easter. On Easter we hunted for eggs, went to church, hunted for more eggs at Grandmom's, ate and ate and ate.

Great family picture, huh?  None of us were quite ready!

For more on Easter, check out Grandmom's Easter post.

Spring Break got cut one day short because we had to make up a snow day that we had the week before:

There. I'm caught up.

In baby news:
We plan on making a trip to ABQ this weekend that should determine whether or not we should hold on to all of our little pink things. So, I should have a new post by this time next week!