Thursday, August 27, 2009

1st Day of School

Everytime I hear someone talk about (or see someone post about) their kids starting school, it always includes something like "I can't believe my baby is a 4th grader!" or "He's a kindergartner - where does the time go?" or "It seems like only yesterday . . ."

Hope started 2nd grade this week and I keep thinking, "Is she really only in 2nd grade?" Of course, the time has gone quickly, and when I see pictures of Hope at EJ's age, it seems like it was such a short time ago. But Hope, so often, seems so much older than she really is. While Hope has a lot of '7 year-old tendencies' because she is 7, in so many ways, she's seems so much older.
Maybe it's because she's started calling me "mother" instead of "mommy".

Or because she wants to do things like "start her own business".

Maybe it's the way she sounds so grown up when she's sets out to explain things that we just don't understand!

Or the way she'll go up to her room and write down the lyrics of songs I know I didn't do that until at least middle school.

Or maybe it's the "13 year-old eye roll" that she has perfected.

Whatever the reason, she sometimes seems so grown up. It seems impossible that she's only a second grader. There are reminders though . . .

Like how she wants her closet light on at night.

And how she still must have "Cow Cow" to go to sleep. This deserves a post in and of itself.

And how she still loves to snuggle up on the couch and watch "baby shows" like Max and Ruby.

And how everyday she still wants mommy . . . er, mother, to give her a hug and kiss before she walks into class.

Enjoy the pics of our mature, sensitive, sometimes insecure, sometimes over-confident, strong-willed, fun-loving 2nd grader . . .
1st day of 2nd grade!
And to show how much she's grown:
1st day of 1st grade!
1st day of kindergarten!
It seems like only yesterday . . .

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Last Days of Summer

A friend and blogging buddy told me about all the fun things for kids at the Denver Art Museum thanks Cortney! So last week the girls and I took a trip downtown. We enjoyed the art and activities at the museum and then had a fun girl's lunch! Hope said that downtown Denver is "the nicest place". Hmm . . . :)
Popping "virtual bubbles" on the ground.
Popping those bubbles
EJ was not so sure about the bubbles
EJ making her own piece of art from blocks

Hope was determined to put the "Stone Puzzle" together
EJ would have helped - if she only could have lifted those big rocks!
Taking a break from all the heavy lifting
Mission Accomplished!
Lunch out on the town!
Also during the last week of summer . . .
We have a great public swimming pool in our little town called The Bay. We made it there for the first time this year on the last official day of summer. With our great little free neighborood pool, it's easy to just stay put when we want to go swimming. Plus, the Bay gets so crowded and the water is always freezing. Well, most of the schools around here had already started by last Friday, so there were not too many people available to go swimming! All the better for us! Despite the cold water, we ALL had a great time! I know there is a lack of evidence, but I was there, comfortably behind the camera. ;o)
Testing out the waterfall
Escaping the cold water!
Brandon coming down the slide (Hope is in front of the tube and blocked by the lifeguard)
Hope on the tube slide (Brandon is in back and blocked by the lifeguard) - I'm a great photographer!

The girls on the baby pool slide! EJ would cry everytime they made it to the bottom, but kept saying "again, again".
School has started, so I'll have a "First Day of School" post soon!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


We checked out the movie "Annie" from the library and Hope has wanted to watch it non-stop. She woke up at 6:30 the past two mornings so she could turn it on again. EJ has, obviously, been paying attention too. I caught her on video several times throughout the day.

And as we were headed to bed . . .

Unfortunately, she pays just as much attention when Spongebob is on. :0/

Sister's Club

For several days now Hope and Ellis have been making a little fort for their "Sister's Club". Really Hope is doing the "making", but Ellis will help by bringing over blankets and toys.

They even have a "secret handshake". Although it's not actually a secret Hope likes to tell everyone about it and it's not actually a handshake it's more of a head bonk. They say "kiwi" and bonk their foreheads together and then laugh hysterically. They started doing this before Ellis even turned one, I have no idea where it came from or why, but even when Ellis was really little, Hope could say "kiwi" and lean her head toward her and Ellis would lean forward and bonk Hope's head. Strange, I know. but it only became an official "secret handshake" when the club started earlier this week.
The Ofiicial "Handshake"
They play in there and they both have fun for a short time. It usually ends with Hope getting mad because Ellis keeps going in and out and breaking down the fort. Ellis always thinks it's hilarious, and Hope always says yells, "I'm never having a Sister's Club with you again, ELLIS! By the next day, they're both excited to start again. I guess that's how a "Sister's Club" should be!
Mischevious look EJ has, huh? I think she's ready to destroy!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wonder Pets!

Yesterday we had our very own Wonder Pets Adventure! For those of you unfamiliar with Nick Jr., you can click here to get caught up.

As we were playing in the basement, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something moving in the window well. Upon further inspection we discovered it was a little baby bunny, hopping with all it's might. Apparently it had fallen into the window well, and was unable to get out.

Wonder Pets! WonderPets! We're on our way . . . to help the Baby Bunny and save the day!
Linny, Tuck, and Ming Ming to the rescue! The girls rushed outside to keep watch over the little guy the while I went to get the gardening gloves which are actually old baseball gloves.
I climbed down into the deep, dark window well as the bunny hopped around frantically. As the chaos ensued, EJ had a minor breakdown and began crying rather frantically. Hope used her big sister skills and calmly talked her out of hysterics. With my stellar speed and determination ha!, I grabbed that baby bunny with one hand, and used the other to climb out of the window well. We released the bunny outside of the fence and watched him hop away to freedom.

Being a super hero is tough work!