Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Her world is about to be rocked. . .

A couple of weeks ago as we were driving past the hospital:

Me: That's the hospital, where you'll get to meet your baby brother!

EJ: I will meet him and give him a kiss.

Me: That's so nice - he'll really like your kisses!

EJ: And then when we take him back we will go there get a baby sister!

Monday, August 23, 2010

3rd Grade!

Hope started 3rd grade today!  Her "first day of school nerves" were in full force last night as she was going to sleep, asking question after question - the main one being "What if I don't like 3rd grade?"

So far, so good.  She said her first day was "amawesome" (a mix between amazing and awesome) and "supertastic".  Her teacher, Mrs. Lauce, said she could tell Hope was nervous at the very beginning of the day, but had a great time once she settled in.

My beautiful 3rd grader:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Living Life

We're still around and have been busy.  I just haven't taken the time to blog for quite awhile!

Since my last post, we took a trip to Oklahoma to see Grandad and Gammie:

Hope had a soccer tournament (they took 2nd place!):

And a Girl Scout outing to Cold Stone Creamery:

We had a little "mishap" with a jar of spaghetti sauce:

And Hope topped the summer off with her first overnight Girl Scout Camp:

Tomorrow:  The First Day of 3rd Grade!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mini Babymoon

We're not going to get a chance to go on a vacation before the baby's born, but Brandon and I wanted a little time away - just the two of us - before life gets even more hectic. Really?  Is that possible? Ahh!  We settled for one night, just down the road, in Denver.  We stayed at a great little hotel called The Magnolia. 

We bypassed the free "cocktail hour" to go to a great dinner at Maggiano's.  But we took full advantage of the "cookie and milk buffet"! Is it obvious that I'm pregnant? I wish I had taken a picture of this thing!  The cookies were AMAZING!  Unfortunately we were so full from dinner that we weren't able to eat as many as we normally would have!

It goes without saying - we adore our girls and cherish our roles as Mommy and Daddy. But sometimes it's nice to just be a couple. Thanks, Mom!

Fun at the Bay

Last week was the first time we made it to The Bay this summer.  Our neighborhood pool provides us with plenty of free entertainment, so it's easy to bypass a place we have to pay to get into.  The Bay provides things our pool does not, however - water playgrounds, slides, and most importanatly a concession stand!  The girls had a great time!  Hopefully we'll make it back with Daddy before the summer is over!


This girl just can't get enough . . .

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