Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Christmas Season (a little late)

Classroom Parties, Christmas Plays, Choir Concerts, School Programs, Baking, Eating, and Baking some more.

Family, Singing, Christmas Light Viewing, Movies, Cookie Decorating, Wrapping, Opening, and Wrapping some more.

Christmas has been wonderful and fun and memory making. We celebrated with family near and far, finishing up our celebrations in Austin at Mimi and Pop's. The trip included a 24 hour stomach bug for EJ (that did not make for a fun plane ride) and a trip to the emergency room for Beck. Hope, Brandon and I stayed healthy and we really enjoyed seeing everyone. We finally got to meet baby Phillipa (and hang out with cousin Ethan), as Jessi and Charlie made the trip to Austin too. We're counting our blessings as we begin 2012!

EJ's preschool Pajama Party and Program
RIght after they sang "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", guess who showed up!

Hope's school party

Choir Concert #2

Hope and Averi after one of their "Babes in Toyland" performances.

Baking Day #1

Sisters on Christmas Eve!

Our attempt at a family picture

Annual reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Santa Came!

Beck's 1st Plane Ride

EJ in between "pukes" on the plane. Poor girl. :(

Beck in the ER

Hope with Mimi and Pop

EJ and Phillipa

Hope ready for a motorcycle ride with Pop!

Hope and Ethan tree climbing