Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Look Buddy...

EJ and beck are playing outside.  EJ looks over and notices that some leaves have fallen off the trees. She says, very excitedly, "Look Buddy!  The trees shook!"

Gotta love fall!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Our lil' man turned 2 last week.  We celebrated with a construction party a couple of weeks early so Mimi could celebrate with us.  On his actual birthday we just "partied" at home with mac and cheese and cake.  He must have enjoyed it because the next day when he woke up, the first thing he said was "birthday".  I told him it wasn't his birthday anymore, to which he replied, "Again, birthday again".

Construction Party
Dump Truck Cake!

Present Time!

The Birthday Boy - September 12, 2012
At two years old, Beck:
- is such a sweet, happy, and fun little guy.  He loves to snuggle, loves to laugh, and loves to play.
- loves his sisters.  He and EJ are the very best of friends and play so well together.  They make up little games and will keep each other entertained for hours.  He and Hope have a special bond - she loves to take care of him and teach him things.  Sometimes Hope is the only one he wants to comfort him or carry him, or put him in his carseat.
- loves balls and trucks and, yes, babies.  He loves to carry around EJ's baby dolls and stuffed animals as much as she does.  He's actually very sweet with them - he will pick on up, pat it on the back, and say "K?, K?", asking the baby if it's okay.  Little sweetie!  He also says his favorite color is pink!
-loves ESPN.  He always wants to watch "ball" on tv - he doesn't care if it's baseball, football, basketball, soccer or golf.  As long as there's a ball involved, he's happy.
-gets his point across.  He says a lot of words, but not a lot of sentences - usually only stringing 2-3 words together at a time.  Regardless, he knows how to get his point across.  If there's something I don't understand, EJ can usually translate!
-LOVES popsicles!  Everyday he throws at least one fit because I won't give him another popsicle.  And every time we drive by King Soopers he says, "Store! Popsicles, store!"  because he wants to stop to buy more.
-is both Daddy's Little Buddy and Mama's Boy.  He already has figured out how to delay bedtime by asking for one of us to rock him or read him stories, then asking for the other, then the other again. 
-is "tough".  When he hurts himself and we ask him if he's okay, he'll say "Yeah, tough. I tough."
- is 36.5 in tall (95th percentile) and 28 pounds (50th percentile).
Happy Birthday, Buddy.  We love you!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Day of Preschool (sort of)

EJ had her "shortened" day at preschool last week the school's term, not mine. On shortened day, the kids get to take a parent to school with them, and they go through their schedule for the day, in only 45 minutes.  This gives the kiddos a chance to ease back into school, or check it out for the first time without the pressure of being there without Mom and Dad.  And, it gives parents a chance to learn what their child's routine is for the day.

Anyway, EJ wanted Brandon to go with her this year since I got to go last year.  They did some crafts, played with friends, and had a great time.  EJ can't wait until her "real" first day next week!