Friday, March 9, 2012

EJ is 4!

Okay, EJ has been 4 for over 2 months now, but it's been a LONG time since I posted (I think this is definitely a blog hiatus record for me).  So, once again, it's time to play catch up.

EJ got to blow out plenty of candles for her birthday:

In Austin, celebrating at Mimi and Pop's.

Breakfast at home on her actual birthday.

Birthday Family Dinner at 3 Margs

Her "friend" birthday party at Monkey Bizness

The birthday girl, ready for her big party!
At 4 - 36 lbs., 41 1/2 in.
EJ continues to grow into an empathetic, big-hearted, sensitive little girl.  She continually keeps us laughing with the things she says.  She is the first to comfort when someone is hurt or feeling sad.  She LOVES her brother and sister, although she also loves to push their buttons.  She's especially good at getting to Hope and can definitely be an ornery little sister! 

She is happiest when things are calm and quiet and clean.  She is fanatical about washing her hands and freaks out if her clothes get wet, yet, she can make a mess in a room quicker than anyone and doesn't care how messy her room is.

She is the night owl of the family and would love to stay up all night and sleep in as late as she can.  Unfortunately for her, that doesn't really work out in our family.  So, she's always forced to go to bed long before she's ready and woken up much earlier than she'd like to be.

Preschool has been wonderful for EJ.  She loves going and seeing her friends on Monday and Wednesday mornings.  She is sounding out words and wants to know how to spell everything.  She loves to write all of our names and is starting to get better at using scissors.  She loves to count and add.  She always wants pencil and paper so she can do her "homework" just like her big sis.

Your great big smile can light up a room and you bring so much happiness to our lives!  Happy 4th Birthday EJ!!!